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Ryota Suzui is the sidekick of Yumeko Jabami, a character in one of the most popular gambling anime — Kakegurui. In Kakegurui, one doesn’t really believe that Ryota has such an important role due to his calm and introverted demeanor. However, it turns out that he is a very important friend to Yumeko, and in a lot of cases, her rock.

Anime Gambler Guys Competition: The Story of Ryota Suzui

Suzui Ryota is one of the students who go to the Hyakkaou Private Academy for the privileged. Unlike Yumeko, Suzui has been a student of the academy for much longer, and as such, he knows about all the rules and how the academy works. Although the academy itself doesn’t rank its students according to their intelligence, Ryota is brilliant. His academic achievements are outstanding, and the speed with which he figures things out is admirable.

Although he had been there before Yumeko transferred, Ryota was unlucky enough to lose all of his money gambling, and become a slave. This is because he was naive enough to believe that students gambled morally — the way he did. In fact, most of the top students of the academy cheat when they gamble. This secured them top spots in the hierarchy of their school. Suzui lost a game against Mary Saotome, his fellow student. From that moment on, he became her personal pet (slave). Even though he is the class president, for the academy that he goes to, it doesn’t make much difference. He is still a slave who needs to act as a leg stand for Mary and sometimes even as her human chair.

What Is His Character Like?

Ryota-Suzui character

Ryota is a typical shy anime boy. At first, the creators want to convince you that he is extremely introverted, but this isn’t entirely the case. Although he is not the star kid of the school, he’s got plenty to offer. His fate changes immediately after Yumeko arrives — and she’s the one who takes care of it.

But does this pale-looking, 174cm tall anime boy really need salvation? Well, as much as you wish otherwise, he really does — but there’s another thing that matters in all of this. In the first episode, Yumeko gives Ryota enough money to pay off his debt to the academy. However, she doesn’t do this because she finds him physically attractive. It is Ryota’s charisma and gentle spirit that makes Yumeko like him immediately. Moreover, he just might be the only person in the entire school that Yumeko is so fond of.

So is this anime gambler boy your typical TV show sidekick or does he make a significant impact on the plot? Truth be told, Suzui is quite important for the whole show, especially for Yumeko. You could say that he is the anchor that keeps her stable as she gets overly enthusiastic over her gambling addiction. Although, at first, he practically doesn’t have any self-confidence, the closer he becomes to Yumiko, the more confident he gets.

And although he’s only a sidekick, unlike in other anime, he is the one who saves the main character countless times. For example, in the first episode when Yumiko gambles against Mary, she quickly realizes that everyone in the room cheats for Mary. They make sure to draw cards that she can predict. But the safest card is the one coming from Ryota, who is standing behind Yumeko. Although she manages to realize he is the key using her mirror, he makes sure it is evident to her. It is written all over his face, and he isn’t very inconspicuous when cheating for Mary. He is not entirely aware of just how much he has helped Yumeko, but she makes him realize very soon.

Ryota — The Brain Behind the Operations

What Suzui quickly realizes about Yumeko is that she isn’t the sanest person when it comes to gambling. She doesn’t really care about money and winning or losing — she cares only about the thrill. She needs to feel an adrenaline rush each time she gambles. Which is precisely how Ryota has to save her from a game of Russian Roulette which could potentially kill her.

Ryota-Suzui anime brain

Midari, who is one of the members of the council, is addicted to games that put one’s life in question. And she develops an odd obsession with Yumiko, so she grabs both her and Ryota and takes them to the school’s basement where they can play the game. It is in this moment the viewers realize that this anime gambler boy is much more than just a supporting role of the show. Yumeko insists that he is the dealer of the game. Basically, both Yumeko and Midari need to fill up a gun with a maximum of 6 bullets and try to shoot one another based on their cards.

Although Ryota still doubts himself at this point, he realizes that Yumeko basically saved his life, and he needs to repay her for this. So he decides to somehow try and cheat for her to win, and she even gives him a hint. Most importantly, Yumeko wants to tell him that it doesn’t matter what the hint will be but that it happens. As long as he keeps hinting, Midari will not dare fill her gun with too many bullets. In the end, Ryota realizes that Midari and her girls were cheating — which was surprising, as she seemed genuine. Luckily, Yumeko realizes this as well, and the game ends with a tie. Fortunately, there is nearly no graphic violence in this anime.

This anime might be only about gambling, but the psychological and risky adventures of Ryota and Yumeko certainly make up for it. They even meet students who are popular stars in the anime. Throughout the entire show, Yumeko keeps provoking very powerful people, and Yumeme, the star of the council, is one of them. Even though Yumeme claims she loves all her fans, Yumeko knows this isn’t the case. She calls her out for this lie, which makes Ryota feel very embarrassed in front of his idol.

Ryota Is There Until the Very End

Ryota remains a loyal friend to the main character up until her last match in the academy, where she plays against the head of the council, Kirari Momobami. And just as always, he realizes that student council members are cheating; from the president to the least important member who is actually a marionette. And throughout the entire Kakegurui, Suzui keeps helping Yumeko and more often than not, saves her life.

Although Ryota Suzui might be just a side character, you could say that he has a lot of power in how the plot unravels. His decisions create a significant impact on both his and Yumeko’s life. His wits save their lives too many times, and it is something that Yumeko appreciates. For this reason, Ryota appears in Kakegurui 2nd season again. And he is just as relevant as before.

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  1. I loooovee Ryota. He’s my favorite anime guy ever. He is so brilliant yet somehow toned-down. He goes through a lot of crap, but he remains the voice of reason and a true friend to Yumeko through thick and thin. I believe everyone should have someone like Ryota.

  2. Curb your enthusiasm, girl. I must admit that Ryota plays well as a sidekick, but the main star of this show is still Yumeko. Man, that girl is fierce and furious. She simply rocks!

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